Reconsider A Declined Credit Card Application

Silver credit card

I applied for a credit card and was not approved. What’s my next step?


You still have a good chance of getting it approved by calling the banks reconsideration lines, but you need to prepare yourself for the call.


First you need to to know the reason why the bank did not approve you. 

  • Too many recent inquiries (typically chase and capital one)
  • Returned payment in the last period of time (typically amex)
  • Too many card accounts with the bank
  • Too low score
  • Too low income based on your debt

Then Decide on a plan what you are going to say to the representative 

  • Too many inquiries: Explain your good relationship with the bank and how you always pay on time and offer to move over a credit line partly from a older card you have.
  • Returned payment: you can try to explain what happened and point out your longer history with the bank that was always punctual and on time.
  • Too many card accounts: Explain why you need this specific card, lets say on a united card you need it as you fly you united airlines a lot and need the priority boarding and free luggage or other benefits of the card. And again you may offer to move over credit from a other older card account you have.
  • Too low income: You may count income from your whole household and you can point out that you really have more income and that can result in the bank approving the card in the end

The key is you need to know what your issue is and what you are going to say

ALSO my best advice is to be nice when calling in. be polite and ask, explain nicely to the representative your case, they can turn a declined application to a approval but you need to be nice to them.


There is some issues that can not be overturned so keep that in mind.

  • Chase: 5/24; If you opened more then 5 cards in the last 24 months you will not get approved for a chase card
  • Capital one: Will only approve you for 1 card in a 6 months period.
  • Citi: Will only approve you for one personal card in 8 days and 2 cards in a 65 day period
  • bank of America: Will only approve you for 2 cards in 2 months, 3 cards in 12 months, 4 cards in 24 months period

For all banks reconsideration lines check out our next post

Silver credit card
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